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Virologica Sinica, 17 (1) : 82-86, 2002
Research Article
Comparison and Analysis 0f The CAV Fiber Protein Gene
1.TheM ilitaryMedicalInstitute ofCheng-DuMilitaryArea,Kunming 650032,China
2 The VeterinaryInstitute.University of Agriculture and Animal Science.Cttangchun 130062 China
3 The Northeastern Agriculture University,Harbin 150030.Ch i— Hd
4 TheMilitary dogtroopofBeOingMlilitaryArea,BeljingChangping 100021,China
5.TheTalimuAgriculture University , Talimu 843300,China
Abstract:Accordilag to CAV Fip genes sequence,4 paris of primer were designed tO amplify the Fip
genes with PCR method.Complete Fip gene sequences of al1 CAV strains were shown tO be consisted of
1 629nt and 1 63lnt and encoded 542 and 543 amino acids from ATG start cod en.The deduced amino
acid sequences of the Fip of the CAV一2 strains were compared one another and with standardard CAV
strain extracted from the GenBank database.There are point mutation(transversion)occurring in at—
tenuated SY—V6O and SY—V5 The Fip genes of CAV of virulent strain of different area were 8e—
quenced There are less differences among domestic CAV一1 strains but more differences with foreign
CAV.1 strains.Honology of Fip between CAV—l and CAV一2 iS 80.48% .
  Published online: 15 Feb 2002
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