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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 106-109, 2002
Research Article
The Analysis of HEV Genotypes Isolated from Sporadic Acute Hepatitis E in Shanghai
1.Department ofHepatitis,HationaEInstitutefo,theControl ofPharmaceutical andBiologicalProducts,Beljing 100050.China 2. infectious Hospital,Shanghai 200083,China
In order to analyze HEV genotypes isolated from sporadic acute hepatitis E in Shanghai,
HEV RNAs were detected with RT—nPCR and the positive PCR products were cloned and sequenced
The genotypes of the isolated sequences were analyzed with the molecular biological software.The re—
suits showed that 9 of 35 sera from patients diagnosed as acute sporadic hepatitis E were positive for
RT-nPCR.8 of 9 PCR positive products were confirmed to be related to HEV sequence by sequencing.
1 of 8 sequences belongs to HEV genotype l and 7 of 8 sequences belongs to HEV genotype 4 This in—
dicates that the infection rate of HEV genotype 4 is higher than that of HEV genotype 1 among the pa—
tients with the diagnosis of acute spo radic hepatitis in Shanghai.
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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