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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 119-124, 2002
Research Article
Genetic Organization of the EcoR I-G Region of the Spodoptera litura Nucleopolyhedrovirus
State Key Laboratory or Biocomrot,Zhongshan Unive~ity,Guangzhou 510275.China
In order to investigate the genomic organzation of the S/,o&’ptera litura multinucleoeapsid
nucleopolyhedrovirus(SphNPV),the EcoR 1-G[ragment located at map units(mu)49 2-54.1 ol the
viral genome was sequenced.The fragment contains 2 partial and 5 complete open reading frames
(ORF)representing the viral capsid protein gene p 39 and P 91,[ate expression factor 4(z 4),
cg30 gene,tlp20 gene,including homologous region(hr)+Sequence analysis further revealed that these
ORFs have the same conserved motifs and gene structure as those observed in 【heir homologues from
other baculovirus do.The genomic arrangement of the ORFs in the SpltNPV is similar in aI1 the bac—
oloviirus genome,it maybe reveals that this fragment is the conserved part in the baculovirus
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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