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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 142-144, 2002
Research Article
cDNA Clone and Sequence Analysis of Segment 10 of Rice Black.Streaked Dwarf Fijivirus in Jiangsu
Jiangsu Academy Agricultural Sciences,Nanjing 210014.China
An isolate of rice black-streaked dwarf Fijivirus originally from Lianyuangng,Jiangsu,China
was used tO inoculated maize tO propagate the virus Improved single primer amplification technique
was adopted tO clone the vira1 genomic dsRNA SIO for sequence determination The result showed:the
full length of S10 is 1 801 bp and has the same organization with M RDV in Italy and RBSDV in
Japan The similarity of nucleotide and predicted protein weDe 87 5% and 92.6% with MRDV.
93.3% and 96.4% with RBSDV .This study provides a new methodforthe sequence determination of
viral dsRNA
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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