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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 163-165, 2002
Research Article
Study on the HN Gene Cloning of NDV Isolates in South China and their Phylogenesis
Vet Dept,South China Agr~’cuftural University,Guangzhou,510642.China
Three HN genes of NDV isolates from South China were am plified by one-step RT-PCR .
They where subsequently cloned and sequenced. The Phylogenesis of these NDV isolates was also
studied.The gene types of So uth China NDV strains were found to be separated from those of Eum —
Ameriean NDV strains exhibiting farther genetic distance NDV isolates from Taiwan Province be,
longed to the same gene type as those from Mainland China.However,one of the Chinese NDV strain,
FS1.belonged to none of these gene types.Significantly,a paramyxovirus strain.named GPM V that
was isolated ftom Guangdong Province,had a rather close genetic relationship with FS2 stain that was
isolated from chicken in Guangdong
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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