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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 166-171, 2002
Research Article
Analysis of the Structure and Prokaryotic Expressing of the Glycoprotein G Gene of Pseudorabies Virus
Virology Research Institule of Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072,China
The glycoprotein G (gG)gene of pseudorahies virus Hubei strain(PRV HB)was amplified
by PCR,sequenced and analyzed.The results revealed that the fragment cloned and sequenced was
1804 base pairs(bp)with a G+C content of 68.78% and an ORF containing 1500bpto encode a pro—
rein of 500 amino acids Comparison of the gG gene of PRV HB with PRV Rice strain showed the se—
quence homologies of the nucteotide and deduced amino acid welne 98% and 84.1% . respectively.
Most of thes,e diferences were located within amino acid residues 320 to 380 According to the nu—
cleotide sequence analysis,two different length segments of gG gene were cloned into the prokaryotic
vector pET28a(+)and expre~ed.The specific polypeptides of gG.whose molecular weights were
about 55kD.63kD respectlve]y,x&,ere identified by SDS—PAGE and Dot—El ISA.This results might be
contribute to the study of the structure and function of G gene and gG—EI ISA diagnosis kit of PRV.
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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