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Virologica Sinica, 17 (2) : 182-184, 2002
Research Article
Infection Characterizations of four Grass Carp Reovirus(GCRV)Strain
LI State Key Laboratory of Fresh~,ater Ecology and Biotechnology, Institute of Hydrobiotogy Chinese Academy of SciencesWuhan 430072,China
2 Wuhan ln~t ztute of Virology,Ch inese Academy of S~a'ence$,Wuhan 430071,China
3 Hunan Agricultural Universlty Changsha 410128.China
Abstract:Some characterizations of four Grass Carp Reovirus(GCRV)strains were comparatively
studied at the first time.It showed that the stored GCRV873,GCRVs75 and GCRv876 at minus 3012 for
ten years still remained infectious to CIK cells,and the 3 virus titers could reach above 10 TCIDs0/
mI ,which was a little lower than the newly isolated GCRV99l strain s.After inoculation 3 4 genera—
tions,their titers rised gradually,and the titer of GCRV873 could be up to the highest,which was al—
most 6 4x10“TCIDso/mI with 0.05PFu/cellmultiplicity ofinfection(MOI)at 2812 .Theinfec—
tive ability of the four strains at different temperatures(28℃ ,3l℃ 。34℃ ,37℃ and 41℃ )was also
detected,which revealed that CPE appeared in CIK cells under above conditions,but titers depressed
as the temperature rised In addition,4 GCRV—ds RNAs were also compared in a same electronic con—
  Published online: 5 Apr 2002
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