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Virologica Sinica, 17 (3) : 211-215, 2002
Research Article
Cloning,Sequencing and Com paring Analysis of Hum an Papillom avirus Type 16 E 7 Gene Isolated from Different Region
Virus Research Institute ofMedical College,Wuhan University Wuhan 430071,China
In order tO study the structure specificity of HPV 1 6 E 7 gene of cervical carcinoma in W uhan
city and W ufeng county of Hubei the tissue DNA was abstracted from cervical carcinom a biopsies from
W uhan and high incidence region of cervical carcinoma in W uhan county. HPV 16 E 7 gene was am pli—
fied by PCR from the cervical carcinoma tissus DNA with the infection of HPV1 6.and then was cloned
into pGEM —T vector.After sequencing the double strands,the gene was com pared with the prototype
E 7 gene of HPV 16,HPV 16 Hubei strain and com pared with each other.Sequencing results showed
one point mutation in the viral neocleotide sequence of high incidence region that the 229 th neocleotide
“C’’was changed into “T”,which caused the Arg cordon TGT tO convert into a Cys cordon CGT
. This
may be the cause of high incidence of HPV infection and high oncogenisis.The results also show that
there is only a synonymous mutation in the viral neocleotide sequence of W uhan which is different from
the HPV 16 HB E 7 gene,suggesting that HPV 16 HB and the HPV16 prototype are CO—exist in Hubei,
but the HPV 16 prototype are the m ain type.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2002
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