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Virologica Sinica, 17 (3) : 221-225, 2002
Research Article
Sequence Analysis of Com plete L Segm ent of 84FLi, a Hantann Virus Isolated from Xi’an
1.Infectious Diseases Center of P.L.A,Tangdu Ho tal,Fourth Military Medical University,Xi’an 710038,China
2.Institute of Virology,Chinese Academy of Preventive Medicine,Beijing 100052。Ch ina
In order tO study the nucleotide sequence of L segment of Hantaan virus strain 84FI i,the
cDNA of L segment was amplified fragment by fragment by RT—PCR .The purified PCR products were
sequenced directly or cloned into pM D18一T vector and then sequenced.The I genom e segm ent is 6533
nucleotides in length with a predicated region(from 38 to 6493)encoding 2151 amino acids.The entire
sequence com position was A 33.39% ,C16.43% ,G20.74% ,T29.44% ,and the GC and AT contents
were 37.17 and 62.83% .Homology analysis showed that the homologies of 84FLi L segment nu—
cleotide sequence with HTN isolates especially Chinese isolates were higher than those of other Han—
tavirus.It showed 83.7% homology with HTN foreign standard strain 76—118。while the amino acid
homology between the two strains was 97.5% .The result suggested that 84FLi strain was one of the
Hantann virus,and highly related tO other Chinese Hantaan Virus iso lates.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2002
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