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Virologica Sinica, 17 (3) : 226-229, 2002
Research Article
Comparison of Expression Results of Different Connection Manners of Hantaan Virus M and S Gene Segments in Insect Cells
Department of Microbiology,Fourth Military Medical University,Xi’an 710032,China
H antaan virus glycoprotein G1 and nucleoprotein partial fragment w ere connected in differ—
ent ways.The constructed chim eric gene G 1 SO .7 or SO.7G 1 was inserted into baculovirus expression
vector pFBD.The recombinant shuttle plasmids(Bacmids)containing chimeric genes were obtained in
E .coli DH 10Bac.Sf9 cells were transfected by the recom binant Bacm ids,and then recom binant bac—
uloviruses were selected and fusion proteins were expressed in insect cells.The expression w as identified
by ELISA,im m unofluorescence and W estern blot.It show es that,the recom binant baculovirus contain—
ing the chim eric gene G1SO .7 could express the fusion protein in insect cells.This protein,whose
molecular weight was about 97kD,could be recognized by the hantaan virus nucleoprotein specific mAb
and glycoprotein G1 specific m Ab.The fusion protein,which was expres ed by the recom binant bac—
uloviurs containing the chim eric gene SO .7G1 in insect cells,could only be recognized by the hantaan
virus nucleoprotein specific mA b.Its molecular weight was about 43kD .It suggests that the chimeric
gene G 1SO .7 can express biologically active integrated fusion protein in insect cells,while the product
of SO.7G 1 isn’t integrated and its biological activity isn’t as good as the product of G1SO .7.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2002
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