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Virologica Sinica, 17 (3) : 230-233, 2002
Research Article
Interaction of Adenovirus E 1 B 55kD Oncoproteins with hDaxx
1.Departmerit ofM icrobiology,School of Basic Medicine,Nanhua University,Hengyang 421001。China: 2.Departmerit of Pharmacology,Schol of Basic Medicine,Nanhua University,Hengyang 421001,China
Abstract:To question the reason of CO—localization of hDaxx and PM L in PODs disrupted by Aden—
ovirus(Ad)E1 B 55一kilodalton oncoproteins(Ad E1 B 55kD),the interaction of Ad E1 B 55kD with
hDaxx was analyzed by the yeast two-hybrid assay, and the direct binding of Ad E1 B 55kD with
hDaxx was studied by coimm unoprecipitation reaction in vivo or in vitro.The results show that Ad
E1B 55kD oncoproteins interact with hDaxx by binding the C-terminus 58 am ino acids of A d2 E1B
55kD or the full length of Adl2 E1B 55kD.Ad2/5 or Adl2 E1B 55kD directly binds hDaxx in vivo
or in vitro.
  Published online: 5 Jun 2002
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