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Virologica Sinica, 17 (3) : 257-262, 2002
Research Article
Identification and Characterization of the RNase lit Gene of the Tiger Frog Virus
School of life sciences,Zhongshan University,Guangzhou 510275
From the tiger frog virus(TFV)genome,an open reading frame(ORF),whose deduced
amino acid sequence(aa)shows identity with RNase 111。was identified.The ORF has 1 113bp long
and codes a putative protein of 371 aa with a predicted molecular mass of 40.47kD and a G+ C content
of 56.63% . Stem loops and short dyad sequences appear in the downstream of the translation stop
codon.Compared with the RNase 111 S found in TFV and other species.the higher homology among
TFV and the tWO iridovirus is present,and TFV has lower identity with other species, especially yeast
and rhabditida.
Key Words: TFV;  RNase III;  Sequence analysis
  Published online: 5 Jun 2002
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