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Virologica Sinica, 17 (4) : 308-311, 2002
Research Article
Comparison of Detection Antibodies to Human papillomaviruses 16 L1 in the Cervical Cancer People with Different Recombinant Antigen
Department ofMicrobiology,Shandong University Medical College,Jinan 250012,China
In order to use major capsid protein L1 of Human papillomaviruses(HPV)16 produced in a
fused fom in E .coli and HPV16 L1 VLP produced in recombinant adenovirus in 293 cells as antigen
to detecton antibodies of HPV 1 6 L1 in the cervical cancer people.and compare the serological differ—
enee of the two antigen in the diagnosis of cervical cancer,we used PCR to amplify HPV1 6L1 gene
from the cervical cancer, then cloned into pUC18一T. After DNA sequencing, HPV16L1 gene was
cloned into pGEX一2T expressing vector,and induced by IPTG to express in E .coli as glutathione—S—
transferase—L1(GST—LI)fusions and purified to near homogeneity as antigen,together with HPV16
L1 VLP produced in recombinant adenovirus in 293 cells,to test antibo dies of human—papillomavirus
(HPV)16 L1 of 12 cervical cancer and 53 blood donors.The gene derived from the cervical cancer
HPV16 genome was 1535 bp in length,and expressed by E .coli to the full—length 83 kD polypep—
tide,which recognized 1)y HPV16L1 monocloned antibody.In the 12 cervical cancer sera,there were
7 positive in HPV16L1 antibody(58.3% );while 8 positive in HPV16L1 VLP antibody(66.7%).A—
mong 7 positive in anti—HPV16 L1using HPV16L1 protein from the E .coli as antigen,all are positive
when using HPV 16L1一V LP as antigen.W hile among 5 negative in anti—HPV16 Llusing HPV 16L1
protein from the E .coli as antigen, there is 1 positive when using HPV1 6L1一VI P as antigen.There
are no difference between two group as antigens in ELISA detection.(P>0.05)Our research sug.
gested that HPV 1 6 is highly associated with cervical cancer.The sensitivity of the test is the same
whether using HPV 16I 1 protein from the E . coli or HPV16L1一VLP as antigens. To detect
HPV16I 1 antibody is helpful to diagnosis cervical cancer.
  Published online: 5 Nov 2002
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