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Virologica Sinica, 17 (4) : 336-339, 2002
Research Article
Expression of Helicobacter pylori cagA gene in Insect Cells by Baculovirus
Wuhan Institute of virology, The Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wuban 430071,China
A recombination transposing vector pBlueBacHis2一CagA was constructed by inserting Heli—
cobacter pylori f口gA gene into pBlueBacHis2A vector of baculovirus expession system .Co—transfecting
Sf9 cells with Bac—N—blue DNA and pBlueBacHis2一CagA,recombinant viral DNA was obtained by pu—
rification of recombinant plaques.PCR result showed ca gene intergrating in correct position of bac—
ulovirus gemone.The expression of Helicobacter pylori ca gene was confirmed by SDS-PAGE and
W esternbolt.Using indirect ELISA assay,it was found that the protein exhibited good specific reac—
tivity with sera of HP—infected individuals
  Published online: 5 Nov 2002
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