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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 31-34, 2003
Establishment of a cell line from embryos of Mythimna separata and its susceptibility to M sNPV
1.Northeast Agricultural University,Harbin 150030,China.,2.Hebei Agricultural University,Baoding 071001,China
Abstract: A new cell line,designated NEAU—Ms一9803 12,was established from 24一hr—old Mythimna
separata eggs and was passaged 201 times.The cells were heterogeneous in morphology with spherical
and spindle—shaped cells.Th e population doubling time of the cell line aws 47.82h in 120h at 28~C.
The cell line was highly susceptible to Mythimna separata nll~leal"polyhedrosis vu’us (MsNPV).When
the cells were inoculated at a multiplicity of infection (m.o.i.)of 0.08TCID50/cell with wild pas—
sage MsNPV。the infection rates and occlusion bodies f OB) yield reached a value of 62.10% ,
33.59PIB/infected cell at 240h postinfection(pi),respectively
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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