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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 35-38, 2003
Time Course of Protein Expression in the Cell Infected with M utants of AcM NPV
1,WuhanInstitute ofVirology,Chinese Academy ofSciences,Wuhan 430071,China
2 DepartmentofMicrobiology and Immunology,Queen’s University,Kingston K7L3N6.Canada
In order to compare the difierence of protein expression in A utograph cdifornica nu,cleo,7
polyhedrosis virus(AcMNPV)mutants,the spodopterafrugiperda IPLB-SF-21 Cell was infected with
wild type(HR3)and mutants(ts317,ts538,ts8),and incubated at permissive and nonpermissive
temperature, then determ ined the time of protein expression with antibodies against P47, P143 and
other viral structure proteins of budded virus.The results indicated: 11 P47 was expressed protein in
late.The cells infected with mutants could be expressed the P47 at 25℃ and not at 33oC.21 P143 was
expressed protein early.The cells infected with mutants could be expressed the P143 at both temperature,
but ts8 was the most weak.3)Similar levels of structural proteins of AcMNPV were detected in
both wild type and ts3 1 7 at 25~C,but ts538 and ts8 were slight weak than ts3 1 7-infected cel1.Almost
of BV proteins(except to GP64 and P2.4)were not expressed in cells infeeted with ts538 and ts8 at
33℃ .
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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