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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 49-53, 2003
M olecular Cloning and Sequence Analysis of Dendrolimus punctatus cytoplasmic polyhedrosis virus NS5 Protein Gene
Institute of Virology。Wuhan University, uhan 430072,China
For the synthesis of cDNA of Dendrolimus punctaus CPV (DpCPV)NS5 protein,the primers
were designed on the basis of the RNA sequmce of BmCPV一1(I strain)segment 9.After the RT—PCR
the amplified cDNA was cloned into the pMD18一T. NS5 protein gene of DpCPV was found to be 963
nucleotides in length with a single open reading frame in one strand capable of coding a predicted pro—
tein of 320 residues(Mw of 35.66kDa). Comparison of the nucleotide sequences of the NS5 gene of
DpCPV with those of BmCPV—I(1 strain)showed that nucleotides homology iS 86.0% , but there are
only 2 1 amino acid differences between the two CPVs.
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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