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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 54-57, 2003
Cloning and Prokaryotic Expression of groEL Gene of Endosybiotic Bacterium from rhopalosiphum maize
Department of Hant protection,North-West Sci-Tech University of Agricultare and Forestry,Yangling 712100, China
Cloned one virus binding protein from Rhopalosiphum maize Yangling biotype through PCR
technique,using designed specific primers based on this protein partially sequence.In nucleotide and
amino acid sequeneee levels. this protein was identified as GroEL protein of endosymbiotic bacterium
(Buchnera sp.) of aphid.The results of nucleotides sequencing indicated that the full length of groEL
genes f GeneBank accessio number iS AF3 87863) iS 1 647bp and code 548 amino acids.Th e cloned
groEL genes of and Rhopalosiphum maize were ligated into pBV22 1,pET30a and pTrcHisA vector for
expressing The results suggested that 63 KDa aim proteins can be espressed using pBV22 1.When
pET一30a used,the expressed fusion proteins have a molecular weight of 69 KDa,and both have a
higher expression quantiy
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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