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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 63-67, 2003
Characteristics of the Giycoprotein cDNA and Antigenicity of Rabies virus Vaccine Strain SRV9
Military Veterinary Institute,The queenmaster University,Changchun 130062,China
0ral vaccine candidate of Rabies virus strain SRV9 is an intermediate plaque subclone of
SAD B 19 and has been used in field with good safety and immunogenicity.A pair of primers was designed
according to the published sequence of rabies virus glycoprotein.Reverse transcription—polymerase
chain reaction(RT—PCR)was emoloyed to amplify the full cDNAs of the SRV9 and its ancestor
SAD B 19.Sequencing result has shown that the RT-PCR product was 1 588bp in length in which a
1 575bp open reading frame was included.It encodes a mature polypeptide composing of 505 amino
acids.Compared to SAD B19,base transversions occurred at positions 158,575 and 931,resulting in
amino acid mutations at 53, 1 92 and 3 1 1 residues in polypeptide.Compared to the vaccine strain ERA
in ues.ten base differences and 7 amino acid alterations were marked.Antigenic index analyses
found that the mutation in 192 amino acids resuhed in the form ation of a new potential antigenic site.
As the glycoprotein of rabies virus is the only antigen inducing neutralizing antibodies,the alteration of
Hi Ain 197 position may be the causes of forming a special plaque and further improvement of its
safety.Keeping analyses on amino acids of the glycoprotein of rabies virus is also an important印-
proach of surveillance on rabies virus strains
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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