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Virologica Sinica, 18 (1) : 76-78, 2003
Detection of Wheat yellow m osaic virus by Heter0gene0us Animal Double—antibody Sandwich ELIS:A
f State key Laboratoryfor A grobiotechnology and Department ofPlant Pathology,China Agricultural University Beijing 100094,China
Abstract:With purified Wheat yellow mosaic vires(WYMV) particles as antigen, cavy was injected
to produce specific antiserum.Its titer was tested as Y1 28 by the method of micro-immunoprecipitation.
Using cavy antiserum as capture antibody for trapping the virus and rabbit antiserum as detection antibody,
the experiment system of heterogeneous animal DAS-ELISA (HADAS—ELISA)was established to
detect WYMV.The system has the advantage of better specificity and sensitivity of detection.This
method was proved to be successful and prattical in the detection of the virus in field—-collected sam-·
ples, indicating that the experiment system of HADAS—ELTSA is superior to the indirect ELISA with
rabbit antiserum only.
  Published online: 2 Feb 2003
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