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Virologica Sinica, 18 (2) : 141-145, 2003
Cloning and Sequencing off gene of Avian paramyxovirus Type I Isolate
The Key Openning Laboratory of Tropical and Subtropical AnimalVirology of Ministry of Agriculture,Kunming 650224, China
Abstract:The f gene was amplified with one—step RT—PCR,cloned and sequenced from three virus
isolates(Avian paramyxovirus type I),which were isolated from diferent avian (chicken and pigeon)
inYunnan province.Th e result of the nucleotide sequence an alysis indicated that the homology between
the three strains studied was 88.1%-94.9% :while the studied strains with refe;rence strains LaSota and
F48F-,9 only showed 85.6% homology.Th e study on the cleavage site amino acid sequence deduced from
the nucleotide sequence(residues 1 1 2-1 1 7)showed that the two NDV su~ns matched to all NDV
velogenic strains and the Pigeon paramyxovirus(PPMV)I strain matched to PPMV ZQ98—1 strain(one
mesogenic strain),SO the former were velogenic strains and the later was mesogenic strain.Phylogenetic
tree constructed with 16 reference strains of 1 662nt(ORF region)of thef gene showed that the two
NDV strains should belongs to genotype VII an d the PPM V strain belongs to genotype VI.
  Published online: 15 Apr 2003
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