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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 206-212, 2003
Research Article
The Humoral and Cellular(CTL)Immunological Property of HCV E2 Protein
Institute of Virology,Wuhan University,Wuhan 430072,China
The E2 gene of Hepatitis C Virus was amplified by PCR.and cloned into the pQE30 at the
downstream of LacZ promoter.The recombinan t vector DNA was introduced into the E.coli盯 109 cell
to create the JM109 pQE2.The HCV E2 protein fused to 6 His peptides with molecular weight of
35kDa was produced in JM109 pQE2 cel1.To study the immunological property of E2 protein.the
rabbit and BALB/c mice were vaccinated with E2 protein purified by Ni.NTA.Superflow.The antibody
against E2 was detected by ELlSA,the results showed that the HCV E2 specific an tibodies could be
observed at the 14th day after immune.then the level of an tibodies rose an d reached the highest pe ak at
the 55m day.then the an tibodies had maintained at this high level with titer of 1:3200 in this study.The
specific CTLs were gotten from the mice spleens,after simulated an d augment in vitro,they were used
as the effect cells to ki11 the target cells,which were called P8 15 tran sfected wtih pCE2.By LDH assay,
we can find that more than 30% of the target cells were killed at the ration E:T=20o:1.an d there are
diflferent effects in diflferent immunity injection means.Th e results show that the E2 protein Can provoke
an tibody in immune rabbits an d specific CTLS in the mice.From this study.we suggest that the E2
protein is a good can didate for developing a vaccine to prevent HCV infection
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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