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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 213-216, 2003
Research Article
Construction of Recombinant Adenovirus Expressing Influenza virus Neuraminidase Gene
1.Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology and Genetic Engineering,National Institute f0r Viral Disease Prevetion and Control,ChinaCDC,Beifing 100052,China
2.GuangZhouMedicalCollege,Guang zhou 510182,China
Abstract:1]he neuraminidase(NA)gene of Influenza virus A/FM,1/47 was amplified by RT—PCR and
cloned into adenovirus vector pTrack—CM V The recombinan t plasmid an d adenovirus DNA Was
cotransformated into E coli BJ5 1 83 an d the recombinan t adenovirus genomic DNA Was obtained
through homological recombination.The recombinan t adenovirus was gained after tran sfecting 293 cell
line with the genomic DNA.The intergration of NA in resultan t adenovirus an d the expression of NA
gene were confilrned by PCR an d western—blot respectively.BALB/c mice were immunized intranasaUy
and orally respectively.ELISA result showed that systemi c immue responses to Influenza virus could be
induced efectively in both intran asal an d oral route.Th e immunization efficacy of intran asal route Was
superior to that of oral route.
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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