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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 221-226, 2003
Research Article
Construction of Replicon Expression Vector Derived from XJ-160 Virus
National Institute For Viral Disease Control and Prevention,Chinese Cenwr For Disease Control And Prevention, Beifing 100052,China
Abstract:XJ一1 60 is the first Chinese isolate of a Sindbis—like virus,an d its genome was completely
sequenced in our previous work.In this investigation,a full—length genomic cDNA clone Was firstly
constructed from RT—PCR products of the viral RNA.Then.the plasmid of replicon expression vector
(pRepxj 1 60)was derived from this cDNA clone replacin~viral structural sequence with multiclonal
seq uence by DNA recombination technique.To verify function of this vector,reporter genes.EGFP an d
cZ.were cloned into this plasmid.respectively.And RNA tran scripted from expression plasmid Was
inducted into BHK一2 l cell line. resulting in expression of green fluorescent protein an d 13
.galactosidase 14 hours later.Th e results indicated mat the replicon vector derived from )(J—l60 virus
was self-replicating and that the following gene expression was efficient.Our study settled the basis for
developing all:Ihavirus vector system with Chinese intellectual property.
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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