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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 227-231, 2003
Research Article
Analysis the M echanism and the Oncolytic Efects of Newcastle disease virus to Some Strains of Tumor Cells
Wuhan Institute ofBiological Products,Wuhan 430060,China
2.Department Oral Biology,Ohio State University, 305 WTwelfthAvenue,Columbus,OH43210,USA
Mechanism of oncolysis of Newcastle disease virus (NDV) CN strain is studied in vitro in five carcinoma cells including HEP3B, T24, A549 and Hela cells, The pseudopods of the infected cells were retracted after 16h infected with 16HU/mL CN strain, the cells changed round and lost adhesion, the survival rates of the infected cells were lower than 10% by 120h. HEP3B cells was the most subjective to NDV. But CN strain seldom killed human normal cells 2BS. At early stage of infection (16h after infection) virus nucleic acid coding HN was detectable in cytoplasma by RT-PCR, NDV antigen was detectable by immunofluorescent test. At the same time, inspection of electric microscope showed NDV CN strain induced apoptosis in HEP3B and T24 cells. And induced necrosis in Hela, Hep2 and A549 cells.
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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