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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 241-245, 2003
Research Article
Institution of Entomology,Central China Normal University,Wuhan430079,China
Wild HaNPV-VHA_(273) Multi-nucleocapsid NPV and its clone Single-nucleiocapsid NPV H_9 were compared on the shape and structure, biological activity, restriction pattern and structural polypeptide.The LC_(50) values of the wild and clone isolates for early third instar H.armigera larvae were 2.987×10~4 PIBs/mL and 1.647×10~4 PIBs/mL respectively; The LT_(50) values for 2×10~7 PIBs/mL concentration were 4.866 and 4.797 days respectively. Bioactivities of two isolates were similar. Assayed by SDS-PAGE, there were more difference between VHA273 and H_9 structural polypeptides.Digested by EcoRI, Bam HI, Hind Ⅲ and Xba Ⅰ, VHA_(273) and H_9 genomes had some differences in their fragmentation profiles. This discovery will be helpful for revealing the factor what caused the Multi-nucleocapsid NPV and Single-nucleocapsid NPV’s formed in molecular level.
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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