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Virologica Sinica, 18 (3) : 292-294, 2003
Brief Reports
Identification of the Pathogen of Mosaic Disease in Cucurbitapepo L.var.~ovifera and Cucumis melo L.var.conomon
School ofAgriculture and Biology,Shanghai Jiaotong University,Shanghai 201101,China
2.Center ofAgricultural TechnologyExtension,CongmingCounty,sha nghai20215 0J China
Abstract:The mosaic disease samples of Cucurbira pepo L.vail ov~ra and Cucumis melo L.vat.
conomon were collected in greenhouse an d field at various sites in Congming Islan d.After host bioassay,
electron microscopy(EM)observation,DAS—ELISA testing and molecular detection,the results showed
that the pathogen of mosaic virus in e pepo L.var.ov~ra and C melo L.var.conomon is Zucchini
yellow mosaic virus(ZYMV).
  Published online: 18 Jun 2003
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