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Virologica Sinica, 18 (4) : 311-314, 2003
Research Article
Cytomegalovirus Infection Induces Variation of Cell Cycle and Cyclin E in M RC-5 cells
The Institute of Virology of the Medical College of Wuhan University,Wuhan 430071,China
2.The First Railway Middle school,Wuhan 430033,China
Abstract:In this Paper we repoaed that Cytomegalovirus infection induced high levels of Cyclin E,
increases of Cyclin E/cdk2 activity,leading to cell cycle arrest.By 72h postinfection(at a multiplicity of
infection of 1 0 PFU/per cel1),29% of the cells was S phase,69% of the cells in Gz/M phase,only 2% of
the cells in Go/G1 phase by flow cytometry an alysis.By 20h postinfection,the levels of cyclinE in
infected M RC.5 cells were eightfold greater than those in mock-infectcd cells by ELISA an alysis.The
cyclin E/cdk2 kinase activities in HCM V-infected M RC一5 cells were relative to the levels of cyclinE
  Published online: 5 Aug 2003
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