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Virologica Sinica, 18 (4) : 315-317, 2003
Research Article
Preliminary Study of Apoptosis of SP2/0 Cells Induced by Hantaan virus
Department ofPathology,the Fouah Military Medical University,Xi’art,710032,China
Abstract:To study the apoptosis of malignant carcinoma cells induced by Hantaan virus.SP2/0 cells
cultured in vitro were infected with Hantaan virus.Their apoptosis profiles were detected using
Giem sa staining,flow cytometry and immunohistochemistry staining.Giemsa staining showed
typical apoptotic changes in infected cells;Apoptosis peaks were detected by flow cytometry;
Immunohistochemistry staining showed apparent increase of Fas and FasL expression in infected
cells compared with norm al cells.Th e results suggest that Hantaan virus could induce SP2/0 cells in
vitro to undergo apoptosis which might be associated with Fas an d FasL.
  Published online: 5 Aug 2003
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