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Virologica Sinica, 18 (4) : 330-334, 2003
Comparative Analysis of Genomic Organization of the 5 and of Four Strain SARS—口ssociated Coronaviruses
Institute of Microbiology and epidemiology,Academy ofMilitary Medical Sciences,Beijing 100071,China J
Abstract:The viral RNAs were isolated from the infected Vero—E6 cells.then the templates were
produced by reverse tran scription reaction.Two pairs of primers were used to amplify the 5 一ends of
four strains of SAR. ssociated coronavirus(SARS—CoV)by RACE.cDNA fragments with the length of
about 420 bp were amplified.The fragments were then purified an d sequenced.The sequences of 5
一UTRs of SARS —CoV isolated in China were the same as those isolated in other countries an d regions.
such as Tor2 strain,Urbani strain,HKU—Su l 0 strain,CUHK—W l strain,S 2500 strain an d SIN2677
strain.Th e secondary structures formed by 5 一UTRs of all known SARS—CoV were almost identica1.but
significan tly diferent from other kn own non—SARS coronaviruses.Sequence an alysis indicated that the
conserved core sequence(5 一CUAAAC一3 1 of transcription regulating sequence in some coronaviruses
was about—l 97 nt upstream from the start codon.
  Published online: 5 Aug 2003
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