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Virologica Sinica, 18 (4) : 376-380, 2003
The Cloning And Sequence Analysis of The pl Gene of Potato virus Y
Fuiian Agriculture and Forestry University,Fuzhou 350008.China
With the specific primers YP1 and YP2 which were designed based on the reported Potato
virus Y(PVY)pl gene sequence,the target gene(0.83kb)was amplified by RT—PCR using the total
I A extracted from PVY infected tobacco plant as templates.The gene was cloned into plasmid an d
tran sformed then E coli.DH5a sequenced.The result of sequence analysis shows it iS the PVY pJ gene.
The comparison shows that there are significant differences on the P1 amino acid sequence am ong the
known PVY isolates。the identity ran ges from 64% tO 94% 。Based Oil P1 amino acid sequence,the PVY
phylogenic tree was established an d the isolates of PVY were clustered into man y bran ches.
  Published online: 5 Aug 2003
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