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Virologica Sinica, 18 (4) : 394-396, 2003
Brief Reports
Sequencing and Analysis on the F and HN Genes of Avian paramyxovirus Type I Isolated from Parrot
Yunnan Province Tropical and Subtropical Animal Virus Disease Laboratory,Kunming 650224,China
Virion RNA was abstracted from purified type I Avian paramyxovirus strain YN—PA0 1
(isolated from parrot)and used as a template.The fragment containing the fusion gene(F)and
hemagglutinin-·neuraminidase gene(HN)of the isolate was amplified by RT-·PCR and cloned to the pMD
1 8一T Vector.Using primer walking method the complete sequence of F-HN genes was obtained finally.
And the respective amino acid sequence was deduced.Through relative software the phylogenetic trees
on F gene an d HN gene were constructed between strain YN—PA0 1 an d reference strains.The results
showed that strain YN—PA01 comparing with reference strains displays 98.7% -83.2% nucleotide
homology an d 98.1%-86.2% amino acid homology on F gene;97.4%-79.1% nucleotide homology an d
97.2% -83.2% amino acid homology on HN gene.Additional 6 amino acids are encoded by the HN gene
ORF of strain YN—PA01 comparing with national reference strains.Th e studied strain YN—PA01 exhibits
highest identities with strain JS/5/0 1/Go either an alyzed on F gene or HN gene.
  Published online: 5 Aug 2003
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