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Virologica Sinica, 18 (5) : 478-481, 2003
Research Article
Preliminary Study on the Enhancing Factor of Oedaleus asiaticus Entomopoxvirus
Entomology Department,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100094,China
Abstract:Oedaleus asiaticus entomopoxvirus(DaEPV) contains a factor which enhances the
infection of Metarhizium flaroviride in the grasshopper Oedaleus infernalis.When the spheroids of
OaEPV were dissolved with 2×SDS spheroid alkaline solution and centrifuged,the enhancing
activity of the supernatant was 2.5 times higher than in the pellet.The enhancing activity of spheroid
proteins depended on the alkali used to dissolve the spheroids.The greatest activity was detected with
spheroid alkaline solution,followed with 0.02 mol/L NaOH,and none with 8 mol/L urea.Spheroid
proteins were fractionated on a sephadex G一200 column.Two fractions were obtained an d the second
fraction had the enhancing activity.SDS—PAGE indicated the molecular weight of the active fraction
was40 kDa.
  Published online: 5 Oct 2003
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