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Virologica Sinica, 18 (5) : 492-495, 2003
Research Article
Studies on Application Techniques of EoNPV Preparations
Tea Research Institute ofChineseAcademy ofAgricultural Sciences,Hangzhou 310008,China
Abstract:Ectropis obliqua nucleopolyhedrovirus(EoNPV)infects tea looper Ectropis obIiqua speci—
tically.The application techniques of EoNPV preparations were studied in this paper.It was suggested
that the optimum applied periods were 1~ 2 instar larvae of the 1st,the 2nd,the 5th and the 6th
generation.The control efect was over 98% with the usage dose of 75 x 10 150 x 10 PIB/ha.
Picking out spraying or surface spraying was more economical,although the amount of dilution water,
sprayers,spraying methods did not affect the control efect significantly.
  Published online: 5 Oct 2003
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