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Virologica Sinica, 18 (5) : 503-505, 2003
Brief Reports
Cloning and Expression of the Nonstructural Protein(NS 1)of the H9N2 Chicken Influenza Virus
LIU Jin—hua,WU Qing—min,SHI Wei—min,GUO Yu—pu
Abstract:The nostructural protein(NS 1)encoded by gene 8 of the Influenza virus is present in cells
infected with Influenza virus.In this study,NS 1 protein gene of the Chicken influenza virus
A/chicken/Beijing/2/97(H9N2)strain was amplified by PCR.The fragment contains EcoR I and Xho I
restriction enzyme sites at the ends.The amplified product was cloned into the expression vector
pET-30(c).Recombinant plasmid pET/NS 1 was transformed into E.coli BL2 1(DE3)competent cells an d
induced with 0.4 mmol/L IPTG the target protein was produced.the molecular weight of the expressed
protein was 30 kDa as expected.Western—blot test indicated that the expressed protein Can react with the
NS 1 monoclonal antibody of the influenza virus.This study laid an importan t foundation for H9N2
subtype avian influenza surveillance in China.
  Published online: 5 Oct 2003
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