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Virologica Sinica, 18 (6) : 523-529, 2003
Research Article
DNA M icroarray for M onitoring Genetic Variability ofHepatitis B virus during Lamivudine Therapy
Collegeoflife sciences,NankaiUniversity,Tianjin 300071,China
2.TianjinThirdCentralHospital,Tmnjin 300170,China
Abstract:The Hepatitis B virus(HBV)oligochip was made according to the sequence of HBV
polymerase gene.7 genotypes and 4 sero—subtypes of HBV,as well as position rtV173,~.L180,rtlVl21M,
rtV207 in the reverse transcriptase(rt)domain of HBV polymerase,were detected with the chip.45
patients were divided into A an d B groups according to their ALT levels.Serum samples for chip
analysis were obtained at 0,3,6,9,12 months of treatment.Among 45 patients,39 were genotype C and
subtype adr,6 were genotype B an d subtype adw.Among 38 patients whom were treated continuously
for 12 months,1 lamivudine resistant mutan t was discovered in 17 of A group with high ATL level,4
varian ts were momtored in 21 of B group with normal ALT leve1.All varian ts were rtM 204V an d
rtL180M ,2 of them were mixed with HBV wild type .Th e rtM 204V mutan t was found at 6 months of
thempy,the~L180M mutant was detected afterward.Th e results obtained by sequencing ofthe 10 PCR
products an d chip arraying were almost the same,the only diferent was that 1 varian t at position rtV173
Was not detected by the gene chip.Further an alysing HBV DNA values,ALT levels an d HBeAg
seroconversion in relation to HBV mutants,the results showed that a more rapid occurrence of varian t
Was assoc iated with HBV DNA re—elevation.whereas not associated with HBV DNA values an d ALT
levels of pretreatm ent.Th e HBV gene chip could monitor genetic variability of HBV,it is a promi sing
method forevaluating effects oflamivudine therapy.
  Published online: 25 Dec 2003
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