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Virologica Sinica, 18 (6) : 563-565, 2003
Research Article
Isolation and Identification of a M ouse Poxvirus an d Its Infectivit
The Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology,Wuhan lnsititute of Virology,The Chinese Academy ofSciences,Wuhan 430071。China 2.Experimental Animal Center,Yunyang Medical College in Hubei Province,Shiyan 442000,China
Mousepoxvirus has been isolated from diferent pathological tissues in deed mouse that
natively infected by virus.In negative stained preparations.the size of the virus particles Was l60~
19Ohm X250~ 300nm and the virus the particle revealed ovoid·shape.Tl1e healthy Blab/C mouse were
infected by injection with purified virus particles,resulting in the death of mouse and producing the
same virus particles as inoculated virus.Ttle electron microscopy of an ultrathin section confirmed that
viral replication an d assembly of virions occurred in the cytoplasm of diferent pathological tissues
infec ted by viruses such as liver,lung.kidney,intestine an d pan creas.These results demonstratedⅡlat
the virus should been classified into Poxviridae.
Key Words: Poxvirus;  M orphology;  Infectivity
  Published online: 25 Dec 2003
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