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Virologica Sinica, 18 (6) : 571-575, 2003
Eficiency and Safety Evaluation of HaNPV Suspension Formulation Containing Chlorfluazuron
1.Wuhan Institute ofVirology,Chinese Academy ofSciences.Wuhan 430071,China
2.Wen-Jian Biological Pesticide Com.Jingmen 448000,China
3.Agricultural Division & Xin Jiang Production and Cons truction Crops,Shihezhi 832048.China
Abstract:The chlorfluazuron,a chitinase inhibitor acting on pest like a biological agent was selected
for enhance Helicoverpa口, era nucleopolyhedrovirus(HaNPV)pesticide.The third instar larvae
were infected with the virus mixed witI1 4.2ppm chlofluazuron,the LT50 value Was reduced to 2.44 days,
while the larvae infected only with the virus,the LTso was 4.9O days,and only 4.2 ppm chlofluazum
did not cause the larva death.TIle H V suspension formulation pesticide.which containing
chlorfluazuron,Was produced in the factory.In field test,the 2nd or 4th generation larvae Was controlled
by the viral pesticide,7 days after spaying the pesticide,the efi ciency were 85.2%,-,86.3% an d
69.6% —暑2.9% respectively,only slight efec t of the viral pe sticide on the nature enemi es Was observed .
  Published online: 25 Dec 2003
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