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Virologica Sinica, 18 (6) : 576-580, 2003
Research Article
Cloning and Expression of Superoxide Dismutase Gene Encoded by Spotoptera exigua Multi Nucleopolyhedrovirus
Key Laboratory of Molecular Virology,Wuhan Institute of Virology,Chinese Academy of Sciences,Wuhan 430071,China
Abstract:Superoxide dismutases scavenge superoxide radicals and protect cells from oxidative stress
sod gene of Spotoptera exigua Multi Nucleopoleohedrovirus(SeMNPV)from China has been cloned
an d expressed in E.coli with the activity of SOD being 29 1.1 9U,mL.DNA sequence an alysis showed
mat sod gene of SeMNPv encoded 1 5 1 amino acids.The sequences homology between SeMNPv sod
gene an d human sodl gene was 50% ,an d 64% between SeM NPV an d LdNPV,63% be tw e n SeM
an d HaSNPV,HcNPV,BmNPV,65% between SeMNPv and AcNPV
  Published online: 25 Dec 2003
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