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Virologica Sinica, 18 (6) : 593-596, 2003
Research Article
Cloning and Analysis of Oedaleus asiaticus Entomopoxvirus Spheroidin Gene
Entomology Department,China Agricultural University,Beijing 100094,China
Abstract:TIle coding region of Oedaleus asiaticus EPV spheroidin gene was obtained by PCR.and this
fragment Was subsequently cloned,seq uenced an d an alyzed.Tlle data shows OaEPV sph coding re on
is 2967bp in size which encodes a ll l l(Da protein.Homology an alysis demonstrated that 0aEPV is
closer to Orthoptcran EPVS than Lepidopteran an d Coleopteran EPVS.Phylogenetic tree derived from
all known EPVS spheroidin gene indicates that the order of the EPV host is in relationship with the
genus of corresponding EPV.which agres wit|l a recent point that “Lepidopteran EPVs an d
Orthopteran EPVS should be divided into two distinct genus”.Hydrophobicity plots of these kn own
speroidin show that the more distan t relationship of the orders the viruses hOsts be long to.the more
diverse of the property of EPV spheroidin to each other.It may be explained as the result of
CO.evolutionbe tweentheEPVSan dtheirhos
  Published online: 25 Dec 2003
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