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Virologica Sinica, 19 (1) : 10-13, 2004
Research Article
Co-inoculating DNA Vaccine of HIV-1 gag-gp120 and IL-2
Key Laboratory of Genetic Engineering, Quartermaster University of PLA, Changchun 130062, China
Eukaryotic expression plasmid pVAXIL2 was constructed by inserting IL-2 gene into the downstream of CMV (cytomegalovirus) promotor in the vector pVAX1. BALB/c mice were co-inoculated muscularly by this plasmid and the nucleic acid vaccine plasmid pVAXGE expressing the HIV-1 (Human immunodeficiency virus type I) gag-gp120 protein. The level of serum antibodies after immunization showed that the specific antibodies against HIV-1 appeared at the second week and raised to the peak level at the sixth week for the co-immunization group. The specific CTL cytotoxicity activities examined by non-radioactive lactate dehydrogenase release cytotoxity assays demonstrated that the specific CTL cytotoxicity activities in co-immunization group were significantly higher than those in pVAXGE immunization group(P<0.05) and pVAX1 control group(P<0.01). These results manifested that specific humoral and cellular immune response can be induced by co-inoculating DNA vaccine of HIV-1 gag-gp120 and IL-2, and the level of immune response in co-immunization group was higher than pVAXGE immunization group, which shows that IL-2 augments the immunogenicity of the nucleic acid vaccine as the immunoadjuvant.
  Published online: 20 Feb 2004
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