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Virologica Sinica, 19 (1) : 73-75, 2004
Brief Reports
Construction and Expression of Eukaryotic Expression vector containing Hantaan Virus S gene and CpG motif
1. Department of Microbiology & Parasitology, China Medical University, Shenyang 110001,China
2. The Municipal Hospital of Infectious Disease, Shenyang 110003, China
To improve the effect of the gene immunization against Hantaan virus, we constructed the eukaryotic expression vector pTARGET-hans(ISS) containing Hantaan Virus S gene coding region and CpG motif by cloning S gene segment with CpG motif into eukaryotic expression vector pTARGETTM. After conformed by enzyme analysis, the recombinant expression vector pTARGET-hans(ISS) was transferred into Vero-E6 cells by electroporation and the transient expression of Hantaan virus nucleocapsid protein was detected by indirect immunofluorescence assay(IFA). In some transferred Vero-E6, the green fluorescence was showed, thus we can conclude that the eukaryotic expression vector pTARGET-hans(ISS) was successfully constructed and expressed in vitro, which will lay a foundation for further animal vaccination.
  Published online: 20 Feb 2004
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