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Virologica Sinica, 19 (4) : 325-328, 2004
Research Article
Purification and Enzymatic Analysis of the Recombinant Hepatitis C Virus NonStructure Protein 3 with Protease and Helicase Activity
1. Shenzhen People’s Hospital, 2nd Affiliated Hospital of Medical College, Jinan University, Shezhen 518020, China
2. Department of Biochemistry, Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio 43210,USA
To study the enzymatic activity,the recombinant HCV NS3 protein with both protease and helicase activity was expressed and purified. The nonstructure gene 3 (NS3) of HCV was amplified and inserted into plasmid pPIC9 and the recombinant plasmid pPIC-NS3 was transformed into Pichia pastoris strain GS115. Recombinant protein was produced by induction of the AOX1 promoter with methanol. The recombinant protein was first purified by Hitrap SP cation exchange and then by Mono S HR column. In vitro cleavage assay showed that the recombinant protein has protease and helicase activity.
  Published online: 25 Aug 2004
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