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Virologica Sinica, 20 (1) : 41-45, 2005
Research Article
Canine Coronavirus Detection in Feces from Diarrhea and Health Dogs by Nested-PCR
faecal samples of dogs collected from August 2003~January 2004 were tested for the presence of Canine coronavirus (CCV) using a nested-PCR with conserved primers for the M gene.18 out of 43 diarrhea feces from dogs housed singly of Nanjing city were CCV positively, and the CCV detectable rate were positively correlated with seasons, it was higher in winter than that of in summer and autumn. 58 out of 69 feces from heathy dogs trained in groups were positive for CCV, and the positive ratio of samples of dog schools from Shenyang (34/39) was higher than that of from Nanjing(24/30). Sequence analysis of 4 CCV M gene fragments, two from positive diarrhea samples of Nanjing and two from heathy samples of Shenyang, showed the presence of the CCVs with high similarity (94.8%~96.7%) to the CCV of giant panda from China in the GenBank. All the CCVs detected in this survey were type Ⅱ confirmed by a PCR gene typing.
  Accepted: 28 Jul 2004  Published online: 20 Jan 2005
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