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Virologica Sinica, 20 (1) : 84-86, 2005
Brief Reports
Sequencing the Whole cDNA of Hepatitis E Virus from Changchun
Through analyzing the whole cDNA sequence of the sporadic Hepatitis E virus gene and comparing it with other genotypes,we can understand its variability.We used RT-nPCR to assay the HEV RNA of a patient who was diagnosed with sporadic hepatitis E virus. We designed the primers according to different segments respectively to amplify the whole gene,and sequenced the product . The whole cDNA of HEV contains 7139bp,which consisits of 5’-UTR(nt 1-9),ORF1(nt 10-5130,1706aa),ORF2(nt 5127-7151,674aa),ORF3(nt 5155-5499,114aa),and 3’-UTR(nt 7152-7193). The identity of nucleic acid between it and genotypeI, genotypeII, genotypeIII, genotypeIV is 73.2%~74.1%,72.4%,73.95%~75.2% and 83.9%~85.6%,respectively. Analyzing the phylogenetic tree showed that it is relevant to HEV genotypeIV line. Sporadic hepatitis E virus in Changchun is HEV IV,and it has higher heterogeneity.
  Published online: 20 Jan 2005
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