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Virologica Sinica, 20 (3) : 225-227, 2005
Research Article
Detection of TGF-βin the Autopsy Lung Tissue from SARS Patients
The expression of TGF and its role in the autopsy lung tissue of patients with Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS)was investigated .Pathological features of 2 autopsy lung tissues of SARS cases were studied by light microscope. TGF-β-1 expression in autopsy lung tissues from patients of SARS and control lung tissues was analyzed by semiquantitative method using immunohistochemistry staining. In one case, the major pathological changes of autopsy lung tissue were diffuse alveolar damage ,hyaline membrane formed and alveolar exudative inflammation. In the other case, early pulmonary fibrosis and alveolar organization were presented except degeneration and exudation. The mean greym of TGF-β-1 in autopsy lung tissues of SARS was 103.43±0.62, 131.47±2.64 in lung tissue of lobular pneumonia, 144.24±0.09 in normal lung tissue. There were significantly differences among three groups(P<0.05). The SARS-coronavirus can lead to acute pulmonary interstitial and alveolar exudative inflammation. In addition, the alveol
Key Words: SARS;  Pulmonary lesion;  Fibrosis;  TGF-β1
  Published online: 20 Jun 2005
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