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Virologica Sinica, 20 (3) : 268-271, 2005
Research Article
BTV and its dsRNA Inducing IFN Production and Cell Apoptosis
To study the biological medicine function between BTV and BTV dsRNA molecule of inducing Hela cell to produce IFN and apoptosis in vitro, we carried out the Hela cell monolayer seperately with BTV and BTV dsRNA packed lipofectamine in different concentration level, and detected separately the Hela cell survival rate; the IFN content in Hela cell suspension and the cell apoptosis under the different management by MTT; Elisa Kit and flow cytometor. Analyzed the differences between BTV with different virus dosage and BTV dsRNA-lipofectamine compound with different concentration, we found that the IFN content of Hela cells produced had significant differences under above managements (p<0.05), and the ability to induce Hela cell to apoptosis of BTV dsRNA-lipofectamine compound was lower than that of BTV(p<0.05). These results manifested that BTV dsRNA could induce Hela cells to produce IFN and apoptosis, and possessed the potential to become a new IFN inducer.
Key Words: DsRNA;  Interferon;  Transfection;  Apoptosis
  Published online: 20 Jun 2005
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