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Virologica Sinica, 20 (3) : 315-319, 2005
Research Article
Full Sequence Analyses of Genomic RNAs of Cucumber Mosaic Virus CA Strain Infecting Peanut in China
The nucleotide sequences of full length RNAs of CMV-CA strain were determined and compared with those of CMV-Fny in subgroupⅠA, CMV-SD in subgroupⅠB and CMV-Q in subgroupⅡ, and Peanut stunt virus(PSV) ER strain in the same genus. CMV-CA RNA1 is 3356nt long,containing 1 ORF encoding 111kDa 1a protein; RNA2 is 3045nt,containing 2 ORFs encoding 96.7kDa 2a and 13.1kDa 2b proteins, RNA3 is 2 219nt,containing 2 ORFs encoding {30.5}kDa 3a and 24kDa CP. The sequence similarity of CMV-CA RNAs with the corresponding RNAs of CMV SD,Fny,Q strains were as following: RNA1∶91.3%,91.1%,76.5%; RNA2∶92∶1%,90%,71.2%; RNA3∶96.1%,92.6%,74.5%,respectively. The sequence similarity of CMV-CA RNAs with the corresponding RNAs of PSV-ER were 67.1%,58.2% and 55.7% respectively. These results showed that CMV-CA was not the reassortment virus of CMV with PSV, although both of two occur in peanut fields in northern China. Based on RNA3 5′NTR structure, and phylogenetic tree analyses of RNA3 5’NTR nucleotide sequence and CP amino acid sequence , CMV2CA is classified in CMV IB subgroup
  Published online: 20 Jun 2005
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