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Virologica Sinica, 20 (3) : 320-322, 2005
Brief Reports
Sequence Analysis of the HC-pro gene of Potato Virus Y N strain and its Expression in E .coli
College of Plant Protect ion Nort hwest A &F University , Shaanxi Key L aboratory for Agricultural Molecular Biotechnology ,Shaanx i , Yangling 712100 , China
The HC-pro gene was amplified by RT-PCR from total RNA of tobacco leaves infected with a N strain of Potato virus Y in Shaanxi, and cloned into the PMD 18-T vector. This HC-pro gene is consisted of 1371 nucleotides, encoding 457 amino acids. It shared the sequence homology of 82.5%~96.4 % nucleotide acid and 92.5%~98.0% in amino acids compared to 9 species of PVY N HC-pro abroad.The HC-pro gene was inserted into prokaryotic expressing vector pBV221, to obtain pBVHC recombinant plasmid in E.coli BL21. SDS-PAGE indicated that HC-pro proteins are successfully expressed in E.coli, Western blotting analysis demonstrated that the antibody against the expressed HC-pro can be used to identify the infected plants .
  Published online: 20 Jun 2005
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