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Virologica Sinica, 20 (4) : 370-373, 2005
Research Article
Sequence Analysis of HIV-1 Infected Individuals Found in Shenyang City
RNA were extracted from plasma samples collected from 10 HIV-1 positive patients in Shenyang city, RT-PCR and nest-PCR were carried out , PCR products of HIV-1 gag p17/p24 region were used for sequencing. Sequences of samples were compared with reference sequences of different HIV-1 genetic subtypes. HIV-1 genetic subtypes of samples in this test were then compared with that identified by the method of nested multiplex PCR with subtype-specific primers. Results showed that HIV-1 genetic subtypes of 10 samples were B’,CRF07-BC and CRF01-AE, respectively. ks/ka ratio is statistically below 1.0 in p17 region, and ks/ka ratio is significantly above 1.0 in p24 region. Gene homology in p24 region is higher than that in p17 region. More diversity of genetic sequences in gag p17 region than that in p24 region was observed. It is suggested that the p24 genetic region of HIV-1 genetic subtype B’, CRF07-BC and CRF01-AE is more suitable for development of HIV-1 vaccine.
  Published online: 20 Aug 2005
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